Conveyor Components

F.E.I. Conveyors Inc manufactures various conveyor components including conveyor rollers, roller end bearings, mounted bearings, and take-up assemblies. F.E.I. products can be installed on existing or new material handling equipment.


We manufacturer plastic belt conveyors, chain driven roller or straight horizontal conveyors. F.E.I. has in-house engineers that can build you a custom conveyor to meet your needs. All of the F.E.I. Conveyors need minimal maintenance and are manufactured with quality conveying parts.

Conveyor Systems

F.E.I. Conveyors has a large variety of conveyor systems for all your material handling conveying needs. We manufacture plastic conveyors, belt driven conveyors, and many more.

Battery Manufacturing Equipment

F.E.I. manufactures battery washers, acid evacuators, battery dryers and other battery equipment.  We have been manufacturing battery equipment for over 20 years!

Roach Conveyors

F.E.I. is an authorized Roach Conveyor distributor of Roach’s wide range of belt conveyors, vertical conveyors, gravity conveyors and chain driven conveyors.