F.E.I., Inc. has a full line of battery processing equipment. We have been manufacturing quality acid resistant conveyors and components for 20+ years and have been in business since 1972.

The last few years have seen the introduction of gravity as well as powered Water Bath Formation Tables, which have greatly increased throughput and increased the overall quality of the battery manufacturing process.

F.E.I. manufactures fully automated Battery Washers, Battery Dryers, Battery Dumpers and Battery Fillers.

Battery CAD. FEI Conveyors.
Battery Dryer. FEI Conveyors.
Battery Dryer
90° curve on conveyor. FEI Conveyors.
90° Curve
Battery Washer With Blowoff. FEI Conveyors.
Battery Washer With Blowoff
Battery Washer. FEI Conveyors.
Battery Washer
Dual Channel Conveyor. FEI Conveyors.
Dual Channel Conveyor
Double Tiered Conveyor. FEI Conveyors.
Double Tiered Conveyor